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The service we provide at Violet Elizabeth Nannies...

Here at Violet Elizabeth we know it goes without saying that every home environment is individual in the way it functions, its values and traditions and its quirks. We also know that as parents these things mean a lot to you and that the decision to invite someone into your home to join you was not a decision taken lightly. Whether employed as a residential or daily nanny, the childcarer in your home becomes an extension of your guardianship in your absence. We know how important it is to have unwavering trust in this person- to protect your whole family universe, not just the children in the centre of it. The nanny will be the person to represent you outside the home, to keep your confidential information private and support you in raising your children. Duties vary from child related only, to housework and organising parties, to collecting dry cleaning and making tea for the builders. Parents requirements are as varied as nannies expectations, and it is easy to see why sometimes the two collide. This is why we take time matching you to your perfect nanny, making sure from the offset what is expected from both sides. Communication is key, which is why we like to meet both parties, to match you to your perfect nanny through knowledge, not assumption.

How we interview our nannies...

When we interview child carers we:
  • First of all ask for an up to date CV and check references. We want to make sure the nannies on our books are of the highest calibre.
  • We then ask the nannies to come for an interview. Only nannies we approve will make it on to our books.
  • We check the candidates’ references, identification and also academic qualifications, for the position. We also undertake further verification through Criminal Record Disclosures.
  • OFSTED registration. (we can also advise available on how to achieve OFSTED registration)
  • We are CRB registered organisation and can assist the candidates in applying for an up to date CRB check if necessary.

The next step....

Once we have matched suitable candidates and contacted them with the position you are offering. We will send over their C.V and portfolio, and the terms and conditions, for you to sign and send back. Once you have had a look at our selection of Violet Elizabeth Nannies candidates we will set up an interview at a time suitable for both parties. We will contact you and the candidate to ask how the interview went and as appropriate, arrange a second interview, this will be a relaxed, more informal engagement, which we advise be a couple of hours. This is an opportunity to see how your children react to the nanny and you can all get to know each other in a more relaxed environment. It is up to you whether you feel comfortable discussing the contract details at this point, or whether you’d like us to do that for you.

Once you have found your ideal candidate we can arrange contracts, start dates and any other information that will make your childcare experience as smooth as possible. As an employer you will be required by law to pay your nanny's Tax and National Insurance. (All salaries quoted for Nannies are expressed as a Net figure) This can be done either by contacting the Inland Revenue who will send you a starter pack to complete or alternatively we can recommend a specialist company that deal with all tax issues on your behalf, including P60's and monthly pay slips.

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Below is the Childcare Services We offer...

Permanent Daily Nannies

Daily nannies normally come into your home environment and work between 10-12 hours a day, five days a week. Most daily nannies work Monday to Friday, and any babysitting, unless stated in the contract is paid extra and by arrangement. Parents are safe in the knowledge that they are being cared for by a professional at home. Nannies are normally qualified with either the NNEB OR an NVQ in childcare.

Permanent Residential Nannies

A residential nanny would live in your home and work up to 10-12 hours per day, five days a week. Also 1-2 babysitting per week is usually standard as well, and included in the salary and contract. This type of childcare can work out cheaper and the candidate can become part of the family. Nannies are normally qualified with either the NNEB OR an NVQ in childcare.

Temporary Residential or Daily Nannies

These candidates are available at short notice for a short period of time. Temporary candidates are very flexible and able to help out in all situations.

Mothers Help

This position is available for a childcarer to work alongside a parent at home, daily or residential. They are normally newly qualified. Mothers helps normally work five days a week for 10-12 hours a day.

Proxy Parenting

We have competent experienced candidates that can act as a parent when you need 24/7 care. These responsible candidates are able to care for your family so you can relax knowing all is well at home.

Maternity Nurses

Our maternity nurses are available for 2-8 weeks 24/6 helping to settle your newborn into your home. Our candidates are qualified, experienced with newborns and are able to meet all of your needs day and night. Arrangements can be made to suit you, with as much or little help as you need.

Babysitting Service

We provide a babysitting service for evenings and weekends. The candidate will come to your home and care for your child/children for a minimum of four hours at very short notice!! We are also available to find crèche nannies for parties and weddings.


Salaries are dependent on position requirements, qualification, and experience. We are able to advise you on the best childcare and salary to meet your individual needs.